Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here I Am!

So it's December 30th, 2012, 6: 27 pm. and what am I doing? Making a blog. I live in New York City of all places yet I'm sitting in my bedroom doing absolutely nothing. So maybe I'm not a typical teenager. I mean, all teens go out and party on Sunday nights, right? I don't think I've ever been "normal." Sometimes I'm not even sure I know what the word normal means. What qualifies someone as normal, and someone else as weird. Who gets to say that we're not normal or that someone is 'different'?

Anyway, back to the topic. It's almost 2013. That's exciting, but also scary. It's amazing to think that we've gone through another year this quickly. And of course, New Years in NYC means people. And by people, I mean A LOT of people. Just walking downtown today I got a major headache. I'm okay with tourists, just as long as you know how to walk. I mean this figuratively. Some people are capable of walking in a straight line and not stopping in the middle of the street like they've seen Casper the Friendly Ghost. In NYC, I don't think that exists. And of course holidays are the worst time, when people come from all over to celebrate here.

I love my city to death. I think about moving to other places and then change my mind, because lesbehonest, who wouldn't want to live in the Big Apple. Sometimes it does get annoying, knowing that you can't really go anywhere without getting knocked over by ten million people but I love and hate it. You meet so many people here, and I can't imagine myself anywhere else.

I'm guess I'm coming to the end of my little blog post here. I really just wanted to say hi and kick this thing off before the New Year. if I don't get to make another post before 2013, have an amazing New Year guys!

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